Coffee Break in Tampa

The Oxford Exchange is the most instagrammable coffeehouse in Tampa. It resembles a modern library from its high ceilings to its black and white tiled floors. The rustic furniture and botanical dining area catch the daylight (and rainbows) perfectly.   The restaurant has menus for breakfast, brunch, lunch and afternoon tea. From the brunch menu, I chose…… Continue reading Coffee Break in Tampa

Dig into Downtown Gainesville

From ramen to fine Italian dining, Downtown Gainesville brings me back to my New York roots… Crane Ramen is Gainesville’s first craft ramen restaurant, and my favorite in the world. This trendy spot prepares its dishes from locally sourced ingredients. The small menu includes both Otsumami and Ramen selections. My top three picks from the Otsumami…… Continue reading Dig into Downtown Gainesville